HelloEden is an incubator for blockchain projects that are building on the EdenChain Ecosystem

While more and more enterprises are looking forward to adopting blockchain technology, many are having difficulties integrating the technology into their existing business models, as well as in finding qualified blockchain developers. HelloEden seeks to plug this gap in the market, through assisting client enterprises in the adoption of EdenChain's platform by providing technical and business support.


A World Class Platform For the Enterprise of Tomorrow

Blockchain Advisory

  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Product market fit
  • Business model
  • Token economics
  • Whitepaper
  • Token infrastructure

Technical Guidance

  • Technical architecture review
  • Technical integration
  • Prototyping/Sandbox infrastructure
  • Smart contract review
  • Security audit

Legal Support

Edenchain will provide recommendations to reputable cryptocurrency lawyers
  • Company Incorporation
  • Token model review
  • Whitepaper review
  • Legal documentation

Marketing & PR

  • Foundational Brand Building
  • PR & Marketing strategy
  • Community management strategy
  • Leverage on Edenchain’s 50,000 community members
  • Broadcast to our investor network


  • Funding opportunities
  • Connect institutional investors
  • Leverage on Edenchain’s investor community

Global Resourcing

  • Support with partnerships
  • Recruiting team members
  • Introduction to advisors and mentors
  • Access to preferential suppliers
  • Connections with Thought Leaders and Influencers