Multi Prong Strategy

Technology and business strategies to front development

The Eden business aims to achieve mass adoption by bridging people and technology that leads to seamless user experience.

We take multi-prong strategy to reach the goal. To build an integrative environment, we create our own dApps ecosystem inclusive of proprietary dApps, a depository and wallets. Our wallets will support multicurrency exchange which allows users to enjoy dApps across platforms effortlessly. To make it accessible to all users with different levels of blockchain knowledge, we put a heavy emphasis on UI/UX when designing our business models.

We believe that these strategies will allow us to accelerate the development and adoption of the EdenChain ecosystem.

Our tech strategy is to focus on creating actual, workable products to prove, test and expand Eden’s blockchain capabilities.
With the release of Testnet, we are now able to build workable products on top of the EdenChain blockchain. This will allow us to demonstrate our blockchain competencies to enterprises while building confidence and adoption around the EdenChain platform.
User-centric business models to provide seamless blockchain experience to fuel mass adoption.


Tokenization platform optimized for enterprises

EdenChain gives enterprise adopters the ability to tokenize both their fungible and non-fungible assets on the blockchain. This allows enterprises to unlock additional value from their businesses.