[EDEN DIARY_BD] Jessica’s Office Life by Jessica

By November 23, 2018 English

Jessica’s Office Life
by Jessica

The Edenchain website has recently been renewed and I am happy to see many positive comments from the community! For today’s diary, I want to share a typical day in my office life. A day at the office begins with a BD team meeting every morning. It is more like a tea time with the team to discuss tasks that we are currently working on. I’ve been working on game DApps with the  and also managing our website. In order to develop DApp games I share ideas with Jackie and Dylan from the development team and welcome their ongoing feedback. Philip and Elly, our two graphic designers, are also part of the team in game development. I like working with them as my ideas are reflected immediately in their designs.

My character portrait by Ellie, the designer

At midday I have lunch with a few of BD team members; it is always a pleasure to have lunch with people whose company I enjoy. I recently celebrated Halloween with Sunny!

I recently celebrated Halloween with Sunny

After lunch I return to work. Typically, I have a daily task such as posting blogs or newsletters, focused mainly on the Korean community. I have worked for Eden since the early stages of the ICO and still clearly remember my blog entries..
At the end of the day, I begin my commute home with Hailee. When we first reach the elevator, we discuss how the day went. Although we speak mostly about work, I have also become good friends with Hailee and we sometimes have conversations about our private lives outside the workplace. I recently learned that Hailee enjoys extreme sports like rock climbing! I was very surprised at how different we were; I like spending most of the time reading. Sometimes Hailee and I are so engrossed in conversation that we don’t notice other people passing by, like Alfie and Lorran from the development team. In Korea, we refer to a person who loves to talk as a sparrow. Maybe they think we are a pair of sparrows.

In Korea, we refer to a person who loves to talk as a sparrow.

EdenChain is where I began my career. At first, I was afraid of the blockchain industry because work-life was unfamiliar and its an industry undergoing rapid change. Now, however, I feel lucky that my first job is with EdenChain. Brian from the development team helped me get accustomed to work life as soon as I started. I would like to thank him for guiding me and being an amazing mentor.
Edenchain is focused on a long-term vision. A wide variety of people have joined in the effort to develop EdenChain and I am convinced that through their roles and amazing talents, EdenChain will continue to grow. I want to grow professionally and personally as a part of EdenChain.
Thank you for reading and I hope that you now have a better idea of my daily life as a part of BD team at EdenChain.
Enjoy your Friday!